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Four Tips for Getting Your Kids to Eat More Fruit

Research from the American Academy of Pediatrics has found that only 40% of kids meet dietary recommendations for 1 cup to 2 cups of fruit per day. Fruit is an essential part of any diet and is especially important for growing bodies. Fruits are natural sources of vitamins and minerals, which are essential for our bodies to function properly and are also rich in dietary fiber, which can improve the functioning of the digestive tract. However, many parents are met with the struggle of food resistance at some point. So, here are four ideas for how to help your kids eat more fruit.

Set an Example

Your kids will mimic both good and bad habits, so if you’re not eating fruit regularly and setting that example, you could see some resistance. Incorporate fruit into your family’s daily meal plan and make sure that your kids see you making healthy choices so they may be more willing to do the same.

Make Fruit Fun

There are a number of ways to get children to view fruit as fun and exciting. Because fruit is so colorful, it can be used to create a variety of pictures or “art” on your child’s plate. A bonus is that your child will be able to have creative time and a healthy snack all in one. Putting fruit onto skewers or cutting out fun shapes such as stars, hearts, or flowers can also put an exciting twist on snack time.

Dip It

Dipping or covering fruit with different toppings can add a fun twist and keep fruit from becoming monotonous. There are a variety of fruit dips that come pre-made or you can find an assortment of easy to make recipes online. Dips and toppings can include yogurt, peanut butter, cinnamon, or even chocolate for dessert.

Involve Your Kids

Allowing your kids to become more involved with choosing or preparing their food will contribute to a higher likelihood of them consuming it. This is due to exposure and familiarity. The average child must be exposed to something three or more times before they fully accept it as normal. Letting your children pick out which fruit they want at the grocery store will expose them to more fruit in general and they will be more likely to eat the particular fruit that they chose. In addition, letting them help with creating platters or making smoothies is a great way to get them involved.

Any other ideas? Share tips that you have come up with to encourage your kids to eat their daily fruit serving!


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