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Effects Of Whole Food Nutrition


Kim Dalzell, R.D.

Kim Dalzell is the President of NutriQuest, Inc. and Founder of She specializes in oncology nutrition and is a medical advisor for the Lifetime show, "Walgreen's Health Corner."" In this video she discusses the effects whole food nutrition can have on overall health.

Ms. Dalzell states, “As a nutritionist, I am delighted to have found an affordable, effective way for my family, friends, and patients to add more nutrition from fruits and vegetables to their diets. Juice Plus+ is real food that supports real life!”

Ms. Dalzell writes a column for Breast Cancer Wellness magazine and is a regularly featured expert on the radio program “Inspire.” She is the author of Challenge Cancer and Win and Give it to Me Straight! Q&A for No-Nonsense Nutrition, and audio CDs: Stop Stressing Out and Start Losing Weight and Powered by Produce!