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26.2 Miles of Passion: Jay Martin’s Marathon Story

Juice Plus+ Founder, Jay Martin believes in healthy lifestyles and following your passion. These two items collide on a daily basis for Jay, especially in his line of work, running a company that encourages maintaining a healthier lifestyle. So when a close friend and sales manager for Juice Plus+ insisted that he participate in the New York City Marathon, he was in.

The marathon starts on Staten Island, goes through all five boroughs, and then ends in Central Park. Jay managed to complete and survive the 26.2 mile run, all the while experiencing a range of feelings, from physical to mental. Taking on a marathon wasn’t an easy task for Jay, who doesn’t proclaim himself a runner. In his recount of the run, Jay quipped that when the first female winner was announced, he wished to “send all the females on Earth back to Venus.” However, Jay never gave up and he continued on to meet and pass the 19-mile mark of the race, which is also known as “the wall”, followed by seven more miles and finally crossed the finish line where his wife and friends were waiting.

In a separate anecdote from the same race, Jay recalled terminal leg cramps he got on the ride back to the hotel, causing him to be removed from the car so he could alleviate his legs. He said that the pain he felt during the cramps came in second to the sheer fact he finished the race behind two guys that had run the whole marathon in one cow suit. He vowed to never subject himself or the company to that humiliation again, claiming they are “officially out to pasture.” But, as painful as the race may have been, he is still glad for the experience.

Although Jay might not participate in a race again by physically running, his passion for healthy living has led to Juice Plus+’s involvement with the St. Jude Memphis Marathon for over a decade. As the presenting sponsor, Juice Plus+ has made strides in raising funds and awareness for children’s health and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The weekend features multiple races including a marathon, half marathon, 5k and more. Proceeds from the race go directly to St. Jude so that families never receive a bill for treatment.

Jay hopes that his experience as a marathon runner will encourage others to take up the challenge. Whether you’re a dedicated runner or simply looking for a fun way to increase your physical activity, taking on a marathon is a great way to get active. Participating in the St. Jude Memphis Marathon is a great form of exercise, but also a great way to give back!

Will you join Juice Plus+ at the St. Jude Memphis Marathon this year? Can’t make it? You can still lace up your sneakers and get active in support of St. Jude by participating in our #MilesForStJude photo contest.


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