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Diversify Your Dinner with 4 Uncommon Fall Veggies

Diversify Your Dinner with 4 Uncommon Fall Veggies

How do you dress your dinnerware come fall? Cauliflower, broccoli, pumpkin, spinach, carrots, and potatoes are a few of the usual suspects on the plates of most Americans. While they’re all good options, at this point they’re a little vanilla.

Fall’s bounty is more diverse than you might think. Embrace it. Throw a few new veggies into the mix. If you can’t bear to part with some of the old ones, don’t. But get creative and use them in new ways. 

There are multiple benefits to diversifying your grocery list. With the addition of new colors and textures, you get out of the slump of preparing and eating the same meals over and over. Even better, you change the nutritional profile of your meals, possibly adding vitamins and minerals you weren’t getting enough of prior. 

So let’s dig in and find out what fall has to offer!


Swiss Chard

If you’ve never grown it, it’s a pretty plant—big, deep green, wavy leaves with vivid pink veins and stalks.  I had it in my garden last summer, and not only is it nice to look at, it’s also a big producer. Each time I’d cut a few stalks off for a meal, within days new growth would begin.

Swiss chard is great in soups, mixed-greens salads, and as a side dish. The latter is my favorite way to eat it, and here's how to do it.



My preferred way to eat them is raw, dipped in hummus or homemade ranch. (Here’s my go-to ranch recipe. I sub plain Greek yogurt for the sour cream.)

This year I’m taking my own advice and trying something new. Since roasted vegetables are a dinner staple in my home, a recipe for roasted radishes sounds like a winner. And I can’t wait to try this one out on the kids: cinnamon-sugar radish chips.


Bok Choy

Surprisingly, it’s a good source of vitamin C, containing 32 grams in one shredded cup. The RDA for vitamin C is 65-90 mg, meaning you’ll get nearly half your daily dose in one serving. As a member of the cruciferous veggie family, bok choy is also a great source of fiber, which is essential for gut health.

If you’re looking for a quick, healthy meal with an ethnic-flavor punch, try stir-fry with chicken and bok choy. For a meatless meal, sub extra-firm tofu for the chicken. 

Sweet Potatoes

Although sweet potatoes are ordinary, the idea I have for you isn’t. This will be especially appealing to anyone trying to cut down on wheat or eliminate it entirely.

Tacos are a favorite in my household. I love them. My kids love them. Big win there. While my homemade tortillas are really good, I try to avoid wheat. The last time I made tacos, I spied a convenience food in my freezer, and the light bulb went off. I put my taco fixings on top of a big pile of riced sweet potatoes—and I didn’t regret it. Odds are, you won’t either.


Do you have a favorite fall veggie that’s out of the ordinary? Share with us in the comments below!

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