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Farm to Capsule, Part 2: What is in Juice Plus+?

If you’ve ever wondered what is in Juice Plus+, there’s a simple answer: What’s on the label is what’s in the bottle. Juice Plus+ ingredients provide whole-food nutrition from 40 different fruits, vegetables, and grains.

 As someone who has spent more than 25 years working in the natural products industry, I can tell you that’s not true of every nutritional product. There have been numerous reports of supplements that do not contain the amount of ingredients they purport to, or even worse, products that are something entirely different than what they claim to be. This is why Juice Plus+ takes pride in the NSF-Certification label on all our products. 

 NSF is an independent organization that has developed an independent testing standard and product certification program just for dietary supplements. NSF-certified supplements have been through a rigorous facility inspection process and laboratory testing to make sure they contain everything they should (i.e. the ingredients on the label) and nothing they shouldn’t (i.e. harmful levels of contaminants.) Juice Plus+ is proud to be NSF-certified.

 The peace of mind NSF certification ensures is one reason professional athletes put their faith in Juice Plus+. Because their eligibility is subject to drug-testing, they need third-party assurance that their supplements are clean. Record-holding distance swimmer and Olympic hopeful Zane Grothe explains why he takes Juice Plus+ at every meet:

"I take my Juice Plus+ when I’m at a meet, immediately after I race. It’s literally within 15 minutes. A lot of athletes when they take a supplement, they usually have it hidden there pulling out label-less bottles or pre-mixed shakes and stuff like that for their recovery habits. For me, knowing how much confidence I have in Juice Plus+ and the NSF certification, I keep the bottles in my bag, and I pull them out… immediately after the race."

 One thing is certain: you can’t become NSF-certified without keen attention to quality throughout every phase of the manufacturing process. Juice Plus+ takes care to work with best-in-class manufacturing partners to make its encapsulated products. We asked our manufacturing partners what they would want consumers to know about the quality that goes into making Juice Plus+ products, and this is what they said:

“I think the really unique thing about Juice Plus+ products are just the quality demands that Juice Plus+ brings. Juice Plus+ is more concerned with doing things right than doing things fast, and I really think that is very unique to the marketplace.” – George, Head of Sales, Western U.S  

“Today, tomorrow, and years in the future, we offer a consistent product…So testing happens today. It will be the same testing that happens tomorrow, next month, next year. Those specifications are understood, and that market is understood, so we can ensure that we deliver the same product to you for years to come.” – Christen, Director of Quality 

“I would just want them to know everything that goes into the making of Juice Plus+, everything that they don’t necessarily get to see behind the scenes — all the systems that are in place to ensure the integrity, the safety, the quality of the products, so that they have a safe, reliable product that they can trust in and rely on.” – Andrea, VP, Global Quality 

“I think what makes the Juice Plus+ product so unique is the starting materials that we begin with. From farm all the way to bottle, we take care to make sure everything that goes into the product meets standards for quality, purity, potency, bioavailability, all of those things… I would expect that no matter where I am in the globe, if I were to purchase a Juice Plus+ product, it would be exactly the same quality.” – Maria, Director, Production & Technical Services 

 Why did you choose Juice Plus+? Let us know in the comments.

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