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Vanilla Matcha Latte Recipe – Complete by Juice Plus+ Recipe

Our mental health and self-care practices have become more important than ever. Although many of us are familiar with the term “self-care,” we might not know exactly how to practice it. The simple answer is: it’s totally up to you. I suggest starting with a cup of tea. Not your average dunk-a-bag-in-a-cup-of-boiling-water tea. What you need is a tea experience, and you’ll get it with a matcha green tea latte.  


 Like regular green tea, matcha comes from the Camellia sinensis plant. However, it’s grown and prepared differently. Matcha green tea is removed from sunlight 20-30 days before harvesting, and then the entire leaf is ground to a fine powder. Because of its concentrated nature, matcha is higher in beneficial compounds, such as cancer-fighting antioxidants. (It’s also higher in caffeine, but when adjusted for volume, the caffeine-content difference between matcha and loose leaf green tea is lessened.)


 A healthy recipe with Juice Plus+

Over the past few years, matcha latte has grown in popularity, landing on menus at healthy cafes and coffeehouses and even at chains like Starbucks. Full disclosure: The latte is an Americanized version of the drink, which is traditionally enjoyed in its purest form mixed only with hot water. It’s also sipped—and quickly, at that—from a bowl, not a mug. 


However removed from the original, this matcha latte is a healthy option with a lovely aroma and a distinct flavor. Here’s how to make a quick and easy matcha latte recipe— — and this one incorporates Complete by Juice Plus+ shake mix for an added boost of plant-based protein, prebiotics, and fiber. Enjoy this drink hot or iced. To make it extra light and creamy, use a milk frother.

  •  1.5 cups Milk of choice (unsweetened oat milk is a great choice for a thick, smooth texture)
  • 1 tbsp Matcha powder 
  • 1 scoop Complete French Vanilla shake mix 
  • Natural sweetener 

 Mix all ingredients in a blender and add natural sweetener to your taste. 

 Why is self-care important? 

Self-care encompasses many aspects of daily life, like sleep, diet, social life, and emotional well-being.  Experts in the field of psychology1 suggest a few ways to practice self-care, including these three that best represent the Juice Plus+ approach to healthy living:

  •  Knowing who you are and your limits
  • Making sure you’re well nourished
  • Finding ways to decompress throughout your day

 Some acts of self-care might touch on one or a few of these at once. Making yourself a soothing cup of matcha latte is one of those acts. On occasions when you need a little something to help you slow, settle, and center yourself in these unsettling times, remember to treat yourself to a frothy mug of therapy.

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